This past summer I had become obsessed with tapestry weaving pictures on instagram and so I decided to purchase a loom.  I quickly fell in love with the color choices and the many types of wool available.  I started to gather gorgeous bulky wool roving, alpaca wool, merino wool and virgin wool.  (Warning, it can be very addictive to touch and feel all these wonderful yarns.)  My first weaving captured the beautiful blue colors of Lake Minnewaka in the Canadian Rockies as seen in the photo above.  

During the process of making that first weaving I fell in love with weaving and I knew right away that I wanted to learn new techniques and push myself creatively.  The slowness of tapestry weaving really appeals to me.  It's calm, not rushed.  Over and under the warp, one row at a time.  

There are so many types of materials available, think anything from natural grasses to wool, cotton, silk and recylced fabrics.  There are also many different techniques and looms to learn about.  So far, I have only made rectangular or circular wall hangings or circular dreamcatchers.  With each new weave I am teaching myself new techniques.  It's very exciting!

If you have never tried weaving before I encourage you to do so, it's easy to learn and there are so many tutorials and books available online or in your local library. One site that I found useful was The Weaving Loom.

You can view my weavings at: Wylde Magnolia



Woven Wall Hanging, with wool roving, merino wool and tencel yarn.

Woven wall hanging, dreamcatcher.

Circular Wall Hanging made with wool roving and indie dyed wool.