There are about 100 days of summer ahead of us and after surviving a brutally cold winter here in Alberta, I feel more than ever that I do not want to waste any sunny summer days.  

I have never really been much of a planner, just kinda taking one day at a time but this year I feel the need to make a list of summer things to do.   I work in the school system so I am very lucky to have my summers off.  After a busy school year it is  nice to be able to spend more time with my kids, travel and work on my designs for my Etsy shop.  

I wanted to share with you some inspiring instagram accounts that I follow and that hopefully will inspire a sense of adventure for your travel plans, whether it is this summer or sometime in the future...

helloemilie - She is a photographer and shares amazing photos from around the globe that really capture wide open spaces and places of solitude

kel_anne_hunt -Kelly Hunt travels Europe and has street scenes and beautiful vistas

vanisle_explorer - Some amazing overhead shots and scenery of Canada's rugged West Coast on Vanvouver Island

jo_rodgers - Jo posts pictures of lovely table settings, food and London

mattpugs - Matthew posts awesome photos of NY as he flys around in a helicopter. - Anna posts about her travels and beautiful pics of Paris

sunsetmag - Always has amazing travel tips for Western US and Canada.

the prettycities - mainly Europe, flowers and street scenes

laurenepbath - Lauren is an Australian Travel Photographer, colorful photos 

lofotenofficial - I just started following this one, great views of the Northern Lights.

quince_bali - food and scenery of Bali, from a little cafe and concept store.

bestwanderlusting - smorgasbord of travel pics! 

Hope you enjoy these travel pics and that they inspire you to plan your next adventure!